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This one goes out to everybody… everybody… that is somehow feeling offended, made smaller, hurt, lost, desperate, seaking for help, running in circles, being in pain, lost for words, lost for action, lost for everything: Please, don´t give up and don´t give in.

These are rough times. The world is neither a fair, nore an easy place to be. You knew that, before you were coming here. Yes, be angry now!! How can I tell you, that this is, what you chose? I am telling it, because it is, what I feel. I can´t go any other way, than telling you what I feel, what my guidance, my spirit is telling me. I can´t do that ANYMORE. Doing anymore compromises to please ANYONE. I can´t!! And so can´t you. Oh I know, theoretically, you can. But practically, do you already hear and feel it? You can´t do that anymore. There is not much space left for lies you tell yourself or others. There is hardly any space, for trying to be somebody, you are not. There is almost no time left, for being with people, who don´t love you for who you are and who want to bring you down. Who like you, as long as they can feel bigger and stronger. But the moment, you start discovering your own strength, all these persons, or the mayority, turn into enemies. Most of them won´t show you in an instance. But they can´t, in now way, stand seeing you growing bigger, having more success, having more inner strenth. Cause they themselfs thought to know everything about you – especially your limits! Especially your heart. Especially your essence. This persons will try to stop you. You can´t imagine, how many of those I had, and still have, in my energy field, near or far, who want to do exactly that. And there are days, they still succeed. But there is a difference to earlier: Now it is a few hours or days, earlier it has been weeks. Weeks of pain in every aspect. My body and my soul were telling me to run away, to grow stronger, not to believe these persons. But I wasn´t ready. Now I am. And you are, too! Why do I know this? Because you were dragged to read this blog article. You were called. Come on!! Here it, feel it, and then do it. Take all of your power and throw them out of your field, your energy system. Get up. Scream, jump, call your spirits, call god, call the saints, call all the pieces of your soul, that have been lost for such a long time. SUCH a LONG time. It has been to long. Earth is waking up all around us. Let´s open our eyes, too. Don´t let these moving times pass by, by ignoring the awakening call. Let´s try to throw all our fears together and make a fire out of it, which will strengthen the whole world. Don´t beat yourself up, for your fears, for your anxiety, for your desires, for nothing!! These things are there for a reason. A very good reason. They want to protect you. This is not easy in such crazy times. Inner children, inner feelings, everything gets confused. There are not only good forces out there. Behaving as if everything were just light and love, will not help anybody. But you can stay positive anyway. You have to stay positive because of exactly that: Shine a light against the evil. Shine a light against your doubts. Shine a light everywhere. Be the light. Don´t let anybody, ever again, dimm down your light.

Warrior, now cry with me: WE ARE FREE!

Thank you. CHIA

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