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There they are… do you see them… here are my borders:


Let´s say they are there. Do you respect them? And much more important, do you know your own borders? Did you ever try to set them… anywhere?

Or are you stumbling through your life, not knowing who or what ( the hell ) is taking all your energy?

If so.. then go visit your own inner space, controling your borders. Are they still there, have they ever been set, is there a hole or lots of holes?

Can you find out who or what is causing the holes? And do you have the ability to fix them and make them even stronger than they were before?
Stronger, than the persons who „drink“ from you, would ever expect?

I already experienced several times, what can happen, when a person sets borders, who always was the „kind giver“, the „nice energy refill“, „the one who always had a way to help somebody else out of his or her misery“ …

The „drinkers“ collapse… in one way or another. The persons who took from you just collapse. Your social network could collapse. People may suddenly get sick or show psychic crisis. These or more problems can appear, when a person sets borders, that never did that before. Even more when this person has lots of power, but before setting the borders, always felt sick and weak.

Maybe you will be called selfish, crazy, even an asshole or more… or they just disapear from your life, because they can´t „drink“ from you anymore.

Tell you what: THAT´S FINE. YOU DON`T NEED THEM. If the people around you are not helping to find your own light, not enhancing your inner beauty, not helping you to be the best version of yourself … LET THEM GO. And don´t cry a tear over them.

Sounds hard, maybe it is hard… but life is hard. Not in the way that many people think, when they are moaning about how hard their life is. Noooooo… life is hard in that way, that it wants you to be the best version of yourself. So, LIFE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Even when it hurts you, makes you sick, throws the biggest stones in your way: It wants you to grow, to get over it, to start new, to realise that only you and nobody else can change your life.

No matter how much teachers you had and how much books your read: If you don´t get on your feet and work the hell for yourself, for your own well being – nothing will be like a fairytale… like: In the end, everything was wonderful.

No: You create your own „wonderful“. And if you don´t, it´s fine. Universe/Life is not mad at you. Not at all. It says: He/She can try next life, again, and again… There is no time for these powers. They do have all the time in and out the world to watch you grow. If not now, than later.

If you have to have just a little pain to understand that, YOU ARE ONE LUCKY PERSON. Most of us need loooooooooots of pain to realise that. Some of us are in pain and so what, they don´t change. No, they still wait for others people advices and give the guilt for their own misery to „all the others“ and „bad circumstances“. That´s also fine. God – or whoever he/she is – loves them the way they are.

But ask yourself: What do you want??? What do you really want? What are you prepared to risk? Is it really good where you are, just because you know it, because it is not new??

Didn´t you have dreams? Wishes? Goals?

That´s a topic, for me, where shamanic work can help you. Re-visit your borders, find out who or what is taking your energy, taking „energy-suckers“ away from you, asking your spiritual teachers for help… and then comes the „but“:


Whatever you don´t do whole-heartedly, whatever doesn´t come out of your last cell in your big toe…. Won´t help in long terms. It can make moments or days better. You can cheat on yourself quite a long time… but not forever.

So, think about what you really want.

And if I can, I will help you, to help yourself.


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