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Dear God,

it´s me. As I am you, and you are in me, you probably know, who is writing to you.

So dear God… thank you for the opportunity you gave to me, when you placed my soul into the cell, which is my todays body.

Thank you, also, for the possibility of infinity – that you gave to me a soul, which is infinite. Which is able to be, or better, is already everything which I need, which you love unconditionally and which is perfect as it is.

I must admit, although I know, that everything already is perfect, I placed so much negative thoughts and opinions, feelings and impressions in my life, that at this actual state of being, my feeling tells me, that I am not very well.

I know, you gave me the opportunity to change everything by changing my feelings and changing my thoughts. My – so felt – problem is, these negative feelings are – so felt – overwhelmingly strong. They are stronger – so felt – than the positive messages and feelings I try to place into my subconscious mind. I know, that this, ultimately, is an illusion.

Sadly, I am still in that illusion. But I am working my way through it. I am doing my very best and still I know, my very best is infinite, so there is much room for improvement.

As I already know all these thing, why then – dear God – am I writing this letter to you, which i know is in me?

I am – I know that is your name „I am that I am“ – willing to show my feelings, to you and to the world. Show them as they are. Get myself emotionally naked. Why would anybody do such a thing?

I think – yes I know, feeling is „better“ – that I am doing it, because I wanna reach the heart of people, which are also feeling bad. Which are feeling hopeless and homeless and are in emotional or physical pain. Which are in states of being, that seemingly are not … that there is no way to make it through.

To admit, I was in many states which were like „this time I won´t make it through“. In physical and emotional conditions which told me to the – so felt – very bottom of my being: There is nothing more I can come up with. This is me, dying of whatever disease I had at this time, dying of fear, dying of … whatever it was.

To also admit: I am still here. So – why is that? Others aren’t. I am here and I wanna do something good with this „I am“. I am here because I do have a message to the world and to the souls, that are more separated from you and from themselves, than I still am.

The message is something like…that life is always worth it. As long as you breath and sense anything – and who knows, maybe still if one of these two is missing – life is worth it.

Because life in the end, truly, is an expression of your consciousness and of perfect health, prosperity, happiness, joy – and that from the beginning (even if there is no real beginning of something infinite) until the end (same thing applies here) there is always hope. Not just hope. There is always choice. That every second is perfect for a miracle to appear. That every breath can be the one breath before everything gets better. Negativity is horrible, I know that, as a limited human being. But when I tune in to my higher consciousness – there is no such thing. There is only love and unconditional acceptance of every soul.

If I would have one wish – saying that while knowing I can have all my wishes fulfilled, but that´s little to much for my mind to take and the moment – could you possibly send a sign to my mind? Like, a positive sign? It would be very helpful.

Don´t think that I expect that from you. I just… maybe… if you had time for a little sign.

Thank you. I know I can do everything because I am a part of you.

And if I don´t know it: There is a part inside of everybody, which knows that. Even if you are dying and full of pain: Everything can change at any minute. Change to the positive.

We – living in separation from you, to learn that we are never separated – just would really appreciate a little bit of a very obvious sign.

Thank you. Kind regards. ME.

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